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  Course: SOC 1001
  Title:Intro to Sociology I : SS3
  Long Title:Introduction to Sociology I: GT-SS3
  Course Description:This course examines the basic concepts, theories, and principles of sociology, including topics of culture, race, class, gender, sexuality, social groups, and deviance through a local and global lens. Analyzes and interprets socio-historic as well as contemporary issues by using critical thinking skills and linking individual experiences to social structures. (GT-SS3)
  Min Credit:3
  Max Credit:

  Status Notes: Note: Competencies and Outline entered from Core Transfer
   S: Documents.
   S: 3/04- designated gtPathways
  Course Notes: Competencies from original core document exceed the
   C: character limit for the text box. Additional
   C: competencies should be listed.
  Origin Notes: ACC
  General Notes:2/20/2018 - MPM - Description, CLO, TO
  General Notes:updated new GT language 8/15/18 dl

 For REQUIRED SYLLABUS information that is to be included on all syllabi starting Spring 2018, 201830 go to https://internal.cccs.edu/wp-content/uploads/documents/GT-SS3-Required-Syllabus-Info.docx.:
 1.     Explain the basic insight of sociology, including the meaning and importance of the sociological imagination.
 2.     Compare and contrast major theoretical perspectives in sociology, including conflict theory, functionalist theory and symbolic interactionism and the contributions of Durkheim, Marx and Weber.
 3.     Explain the primary research methods used for sociological research, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
 4.     Analyze the importance of culture in local and global societies, including the ways in which culture affects human interaction and how humans change culture.
 5.     Explain how key agents of socialization contribute to human development.
 6.     Identify the ways in which individuals conform to social structure, including statuses, roles, groups and formal organizations.
 7.     Apply theories of deviance in order to understand the relationship between norms and social control.
 8.     Explain social stratification locally and globally, and as it relates to social class, gender, aging, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity.

 I. The sociological viewpoint
      a. The sociological imagination
      b. The history of sociology
      c. Major perspectives; Social Conflict, Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism
 II. Sociological analysis
      a. Basic concepts of social research
      b. Major research methods
 III. Culture
      a. Elements of culture
      b. Cross-cultural comparisons
 IV. Socialization and social control
      a. Nature and nurture
      b. Development of the self
      c. Agents of socialization
 V. Social groups
      a. Concepts of social organization
      b. Formal organizations
 VI. Deviance
      a. Deviance and social control
      b. Theories of deviance
 VII. Social stratification
      a. Stratification systems
      b. Social mobility
      c. Local stratification
      d. Global stratification
      e. Theories of social class
 VIII. Race and ethnic Relations
      a. Concepts of race and ethnicity
      b. Racism, prejudice and discrimination
      c. Minority-majority group relations
 IX. Inequalities of gender and sexual orientation
      a. Concepts of sex, gender, and sexuality
      b. Sexism and heteronormativity
 X. Age
      a. Social effects of aging
      b. Ageism and its consequences

 Course Offered At:

  Arapahoe Community College ACC
  Community College of Aurora CCA
  Colorado Community College Sys CCCS
  Community College of Denver CCD
  Colorado Northwestern CC CNCC
  Front Range Community College FRCC
  Lamar Community College LCC
  Morgan Community College MCC
  Northeastern Junior College NJC
  Otero College OJC
  Pueblo Community College PCC
  Pikes Peak State College PPCC
  Red Rocks Community College RRCC
  Trinidad State College TSJC
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