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  Course: REE 202
  Title:Real Estate Brokers II
  Long Title:Real Estate Brokers II
  Course Description:Enables the student, in conjunction with REE 201 - Real Estate Brokers I, to meet the educational requirements of the Colorado Real Estate Commission for a Colorado Real Estate Brokers` license. This course includes Colorado Contracts and Regulations, Closings, and Recordkeeping and Trust Accounts.
  Min Credit:6
  Max Credit:

  Status Notes: New course 3/6/05
  Origin Notes: PPCC

 I.      Demonstrate a working knowledge of Colorado real estate license law.
 II.     Discuss and review the Conway-Bogue decision.
 III.    Display a basic knowledge of the Colorado Fair Housing Act.
 IV.     Discuss the Appraiser Licensing Act.
 V.      Demonstrate a basic knowledge of brokerage relationship agreements, including a detailed content content and preparation of the commission approved forms.
 VI.     Prepare a minimum of one of each type of listing and buyer brokerage contract plus one of each type of addendum.
 VII.    Explain in detail the content and preparation of the commission approved sales contracts.
 VIII.   Complete at least three sales contract problems, that include examples of new financing, loan assumption, and owner carry financing, plus a counterproposal and amend/extend agreement.
 IX.     Display a knowledge of exchange agreements, promissory notes and trust deeds.
 X       Discuss the Seller¿s property disclosure form.
 XI.     Demonstrate a basic knowledge of exchange agreements, promissory notes, and trust deeds.
 XII.    Demonstrate a basic knowledge of proper record keeping procedures to maintain and account for funds belonging to others.
 XIII.   Prepare the necessary documents to close a real estate transaction and account for all funds received and disbursed as well as a comprehensive review of the legal documents.

 I.      Colorado Real Estate Contracts and Regulations
         A.      Regulations
         B.      Colorado Statutory Relationships
         C.      Brokerage Relationship Agreements
         D.      Sales contracts and Related Forms
         E.      Other Considerations in Real Estate Contracting
 II.     Closings
         A.      Broker¿s Responsibility Relating to Closing
         B.      Introduction to a 6-Column Worksheet
         C.      Closing to a Prepared Contract
         D.      Legal Documents
         E.      Preparation of a Minimum of 8 Closing Problems
 III.    Record Keeping and Trust Accounts
         A.      Legal Requirements
         B.      Record Keeping
         C.      Special Areas of Concern
         D.      Termination of Brokerage Relationship
         E.      Review portion of course

 Course Offered At:

  Community College of Aurora CCA
  Morgan Community College MCC
  Pueblo Community College PCC
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