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  Course: OUT 1100
  Long Title:Hiking
  Course Description:Provides skills related to hiking and wilderness travel. Emphasizes hiking skills, proper conditioning, route finding, equipment, and hiking hazards and ethics. The course involves conditioning in the fitness center and weekend hikes.
  Min Credit:1
  Max Credit:

  Status Notes: Was PED 153, changed 1/17/13 effective 201410 CFE

         A.      Employ proper preparation for hiking.
         B.      Demonstrate how to utilize a compass and to read contour maps.
         C.      Practice staying on course.
         D.      Practice maneuvering over rough terrain.
         E.      Understand the environment and its causes and symptoms.
         F.      Know how to get properly organized for the hiking outing.
         G.      Demonstrate the proper ways to fill and adjust a backpack.
         H.      Identify and manage possible dangers in the environment.
         I.      Practice trail and environmental ethics.

 I.      Introduction to hiking
         A.      Proper physical conditioning methods
         B.      Walking up and down steep terrain
         C.      Select proper equipment
 II.     Route-finding
         A.      Maps and compass
         B.      Orientation
         C.      Rough terrain
 III.    Hiking dangers
         A.      Environment
 IV.     Preparing for hiking outings
 V.      Field tips
         A.      Application of skills

 Course Offered At:

  Front Range Community College FRCC
  Red Rocks Community College RRCC
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