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  Course: OUT 1050
  Title:Backcountry Cooking
  Long Title:Backcountry Cooking
  Course Description:Focuses on menu planning, nutritional requirements for wilderness camping, and meal preparations. Includes cooking a backcountry meal.
  Min Credit:1
  Max Credit:

  Status Notes: Was PER 161, changed 1/17/13 effective 201410 CFE

 1.  Identify and know how to use the appropriate stoves and cooking equipment applicable for backcountry cooking.
 2.  List the steps necessary for complete menu planning and adequate nutritional requirements for a small group for a multi-day camping trip.
 3.  Operate at least four types of backcountry stoves including maintenance and use.
 4.  Demonstrate how to build an open fire and how to cook an entire meal using a dutch oven and regular utensils.
 5.  Demonstrate by cooking an entire meal on an open fire using a no utensil technique.
 6.  Recall all health and safety issue as they relate to cooking a meal outdoors.

 I.      Course overview, camp cooking equipment
 II.     Menu Planning, shopping lists, nutritional analysis, cost analysis
 III.    Health and Safety in the camp kitchen
 IV.     How to build a great cooking fire
 V.      How to cook on an open fire
 VI.     The magic of dutch oven cooking
 VII.    Organization and the camp kitchen, foul weather camp cooking
 VIII.   Field trip a day of outdoor cooking

 Course Offered At:

  Pikes Peak State College PPCC
  Red Rocks Community College RRCC
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