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  Course: GEY 2230
  Title:Paleontology Lab Techniques
  Long Title:Paleontology Lab Techniques
  Course Description:Provides laboratory experience in paleontology, covering: training in fossil preparation, identification of specimens, documentation (photographic and scientific illustration), cataloging, molding and casting, and specimen curation.
  Min Credit:3
  Max Credit:

  Course Notes: NCE 11.13.14 JLG
  Origin Notes: CNCC

 1. Identify fossils.
 2. Recognize various types of fossilization.
 3. Implement repository protocols for maintaining a fossil preparation workspace.
 4. Apply appropriate techniques for jacket removal and unpacking of fossils.
 5. Apply correct procedures for cataloging, storing, and curating fossils.
 6. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of hand tools in fossil preparation.
 7. Demonstrate appropriate reconstruction techniques.
 8. Utilize critical thinking and creative problem solving as related to fossil preparation and curation.

 I.  Introduction
      a. Introduction to paleontology and types of fossilization
      b. Identifying Fossils
      c. Introduction to curation science
      d. Understanding the tools of the trade
 II. Lab Techniques
      a. From field to lab- handling fossils in jackets/ unpacking fossils
      b. Documenting- taking lab notes, photos, and cataloguing fossils from the field
      c. Fossil preparation and reconstruction- applying techniques and creative problem solving to   best preserve and display fossils
      d. Curation- continued care for fossil collections

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