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  Course: GEY 2229
  Title:Field Paleontology
  Long Title:Field Paleontology
  Course Description:Provides the opportunity to experience paleontology in a field setting and apply field techniques in the identification, mapping, and excavation of rocks and fossils. The course will culminate in a field trip lasting between seven and fourteen days. The specific area of investigation will be indicated in the course schedule each time the course is offered.
  Min Credit:3
  Max Credit:

  Course Notes: NCE 11.13.14 JLG
  Origin Notes: CNCC

 1.  Reconstruct the geologic and paleontologic history of the area being studied.
 2. Apply the scientific method in a field setting.
 3. Demonstrate proficiency with tools and field techniques used at the site.
 4. Demonstrate the ability to take detailed and organized field notes.
 5.  Apply field techniques in an outdoor setting.
 6. Identify rocks, fossils and geologic features at the field site.
 7. Make accurate and complete field maps.
 8. Apply appropriate and safe fossil excavation techniques.
 9. Synthesize and interpret information gathered on the field trip.

 I. Preliminary field study activities/preparation for the geology and palaeontology that students will encounter on the trip
      a. Introduction to geology and palaeontology.
      b. Geologic history, landforms, features, and processes active in the area
      c. Paleontological history of the area
      d. Pre-trip safety, planning, and scheduling
      e. Training in field techniques to be used on the trip
 II. Extended field experience in palaeontology-specific areas.
      a. Field studies conducted at the field site
      b. Taking field notes
      c. Data collection, field identification, and mapping
 III. Post field study activities in which students synthesize information gathered on the trip

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