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  Course: FIW 1018
  Title:Introduction to Turning
  Long Title:Introduction to Turning
  Course Description:Explores the capacities of a lathe through spindle and faceplate turnings. The use of bead, cove, taper, cylindrical, v-cutslk proportion and curved line relationships are examined. Lathe components, tools, and sharpening are explored.
  Min Credit:3
  Max Credit:

  Origin Notes: RRCC
  Status Notes:revised-tle,dscrptn,cmptncs,outln,crdts entered 8/11/11 LK

  1. Learn and practice safe lathe techniques.
  2. Identify forms, wood characteristics, and shapes associated with turned objects.
  3. Use a lathe and appropriate tools and accessories.

 I. Lathe, tools, and samples of spindle and faceplate turnings
  II. Types of cuts used on spindle objects
  III. Faceplate turnings - the introduction to bowl making
  IV. Inlay of stone, metal and other materials
  V. Multiple finishes on the lathe
  VI. The lathe as a bore mechanism

 Course Offered At:

  Red Rocks Community College RRCC
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Release: 8.5.3