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  Course: EDU 261
  Title:Teaching, Learning&Technology
  Long Title:Teaching, Learning and Technology
  Course Description:Prepares students to integrate technology into their teaching curriculum. Enables the student to design educational and training materials incorporating instructional technology. Explores a variety of technologies, including the computer, Internet, multimedia, graphics, audio, and text with an emphasis on increasing learning through their use. Examines combining technology with a variety of instructional methodologies.
  Min Credit:3
  Max Credit:

  Origin Notes: ACC

 I.      Apply technology to the delivery of standards-based education.
 II.     Use technology to increase future student achievement.
 III.    Utilize technology to manage and communicate information.
 IV.     Apply technology to data-driven assessments of learning.
 V.      Determine appropriate use and management of technology in the classroom under various circumstances.
 VI.     Utilize instructional technology to support a wide variety of learners and learning styles.
 VII.    Explore various instructional tools and technology, including computers, video, graphics, multimedia, audio, and other media, and their contributions to the learning process.
 VIII.   Investigate and design a lesson using instructional technology coupled with a variety of instructional strategies, including: cooperative learning, discovery, problem solving, games, simulations, discussion, demonstration and presentation.
 IX.     Select the most appropriate instructional methods, materials, and media for a particular lesson or presentation.
 X       Acquire instructional materials in a manner consistent with current copyright laws.
 XI.     Demonstrate the correct procedures for using a variety of multimedia technologies.
 XII.    Develop a lesson plan incorporating the use and applications of the Internet.
 XIII.   Discuss means to evaluate students, materials, and instruction.
 XIV.    Identify trends in instructional technology and speculate about the impact on the future.
 XV.     Prepare a teaching portfolio using examples of instructional technology methods and strategies.

 I.      How do you plan, implement, and evaluate the uses of technology in your courses or workshops?
 II.     What are the various instructional tools and technologies available?
 III.    How do you design lessons for a variety of different learners using technology?
 IV.     How do you select the most appropriate instructional methods and technologies that incorporate technology?
 V.      How do you acquire materials consistent with current copyright laws?
 VI.     How do you use a variety of current classroom technologies?
 VII.    What is computer-assisted instruction?
 VIII.   How do you evaluate the use of technology and materials?
 IX.     How do you develop a teaching portfolio that includes instructional technology?
 X       What are the trends in instructional technology uses and the possible future uses?

 Course Offered At:

  Arapahoe Community College ACC
  Community College of Aurora CCA
  Front Range Community College FRCC
  Pueblo Community College PCC
  Pikes Peak Community College PPCC
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