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  Course: EDU 250
  Title:CTE in Colorado
  Long Title:CTE in Colorado
  Course Description:Explores common elements of Career and Technical Education philosophy and current practices. It details the philosophy of Career and Technical Education (CTE), the federal Carl D. Perkins legislation and related guidelines for CTE, the Colorado Technical Act, national and state regulatory agencies, the CCCS program approval process, enrollment management and advising strategies, relevant local and national issues, and quality assurance principles.
  Min Credit:1
  Max Credit:

  Course Notes: Entered new course 5/4/07 s@
  Origin Notes: ACC

 I. Examine the philosophy and principles that shape Career and Technical Education programs and  provide an overview of the development, administrative structures and policies for the delivery and support of career and technical education.
 II. Examine the guidelines specified within Carl D. Perkins IV and how those principles are applied to CTE and other funding/reimbursement models such as the Career and Technical Act.
 III. Describe the relationships of various regulatory agencies within the community college setting and their relationships to secondary and post-secondary functioning.
 IV. Examine the components and successfully apply the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) program approval processes for both secondary and post-secondary programs.
 V. Devise enrollment management and advising/marketing strategies for CTE programs.
 VI. Relate relevant national and local issues pertaining to CTE to your program and/or the P-20 model.
 VII. Apply quality assurance principles (credentialing requirements, program advisory committees, reporting, labor market trends, workforce issues, work-based learning, CTE instruction, etc.) to CTE programs.

 I. Philosophy and history of CTE
 A. Evolution of CTE
 B. Educational philosophies that influenced CTE
 C. Philosophy of Education
 II.   Principles of CTE/CTE Programs
         A.      Current trends
         B.      Career clusters, pathways and plans of study
         C.      Nontraditional and special populations
         D.      Professional organizations
         E.      Student leadership/organizations
 III.  The educated workforce perspective (local, state, national, international)
 IV.    Carl D. Perkins
         A.      Career clusters, pathways and plans of study
         B.      Nontraditional and special populations
         C.      Educational and business partnerships
         D.      Program advisory committees (business and industry)
         E.      Perkins grant local plan requirements
 V.     Secondary Issues
         A.      Career and Technical Act
         B.      Career Guidance and Development
         C.      Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)
         D.      Concurrent Enrollment Options
 VI.     CCCS Program Approval Process (New and renewal)
         A.      Colorado Common Course Numbering System (CCCNS)
                 B.      CTE faculty and staff credentialing standards (Secondary and Postsecondary)
         D.      Data management and reporting requirements
         E.      Program advisory committees (composition, function, etc.)
         F.      Labor market trends/Occupational Analysis
         G.      Curriculum alignment (degrees and certificates)
         H.      Quality Assurances (facilities, safety issues, work based learning, plans of study, etc.)
          I.      Five-year plans (program strengths and weaknesses)
 V.      Marketing, Enrollment Management and Advising Strategies
         A.      Nontraditional and special populations
         B.      Educational partnerships (articulations, concurrent enrollment, advanced credit pathways, etc.)
         C.      Recruiting and retention
         D.      Advising and career planning/management (Plans of Study, ICAPS, etc.)

 Course Offered At:

  Arapahoe Community College ACC
  Community College of Aurora CCA
  Community College of Denver CCD
  Front Range Community College FRCC
  Lamar Community College LCC
  Pikes Peak State College PPCC
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