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  Course: CSC 1019
  Title:Intro. to Programming (lang)
  Long Title:Introduction to Programming: (Programming Language)
  Course Description:Focuses on a general introduction to computer programming. This course emphasizes the design and implementation of structured and logically correct programs with good documentation. It is centered on basic programming concepts, including control structures, modularization, and data processing. A structured programming language is used to implement program designs. It emphasizes the writing of multiple programs following the software development process, from start to finish, including design, implementation, and testing.
  Min Credit:3
  Max Credit:

  Origin Notes: CCD

 1.  Input data from the computer keyboard using standard input and output commands via a programming language.
 2.  Create a program that demonstrates the use of variables and constants.
 3.  Program statements that show a basic understanding of types of variables, at a minimum integer, real, character and string.
 4.  Design a program that outputs processed data to the computer screen.
 5.  Develop and implement programs from problem statements.
 6.  Write multiple programs using control structures and functions/modules.
 7.  Write functions/modules proving a basic understanding of variable scope.
 8.  Design, write, and modify a program using 1D array processing.
 9.  Document programs with standards required in the class.
 10. Convert numbers from base 10 to binary and hexadecimal.

 I. Introduction to structured programming and problem solving
 II. Convert numbers from base 10 to binary and hexadecimal
 III. Variables and constants
 IV. Input and output
 V. Decision structures and loops
 VI. Modularizing programs
 VII. Arrays

 Course Offered At:

  Arapahoe Community College ACC
  Community College of Aurora CCA
  Colorado Community College Sys CCCS
  Community College of Denver CCD
  Colorado Northwestern CC CNCC
  Front Range Community College FRCC
  Morgan Community College MCC
  Northeastern Junior College NJC
  Pueblo Community College PCC
  Pikes Peak Community College PPCC
  Red Rocks Community College RRCC
  Trinidad State Junior College TSJC
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