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  Course: CNG 209
  Title:MS Server Active Direct Config
  Long Title:MS Server Active Directory Configuration
  Course Description:Provides students with the knowledge and skills to configure Active Directory Domain Services in a distributed environment, implement Group Policies, perform backup and restore, and monitor and troubleshoot Active Directory related issues.
  Min Credit:4
  Max Credit:

  Course Notes: Revisions made to title, credit hrs, description, outline
    and competencies 2/3/09 s@
  Origin Notes: CCD
  Status Notes: Revisions to descr, title, comp 4/21/10 s@

 1. Implementing Active Directory Domain Services
 a. Install Active Directory Domain Services.
 b. Deploy Read-Only Domain Controllers.
 c. Configure AD DS Domain Controller Roles.
 2. Configuring Domain Name Service for Active Directory Domain Services
 a. Describe Active Directory Domain Services and DNS integration.
 b. Configure Active Directory Integrated Zones.
 c. Configure read only DNS zones
 3. Configuring Active Directory Objects and Trusts
 a. Configure Active Directory Objects.
 b. Describe strategies for using groups.
 c. Automate AD DS object management.
 d. Delegate Administrative access to AD DS objects.
 e. Configure AD DS trusts.
 4. Configuring Active Directory Sites and Replication
 a. Describe AD DS replication.
 b. Configure Active Directory Domain Services sites.
 c. Configure and monitor AD DS replication.
 5. Creating and Configuring Group Policy
 a. Describe Group Policy.
 b. Configure the scope of Group Policy objects.
 c. Evaluate the application of Group Policy objects.
 d. Manage Group Policy objects.
 e. Delegate administrative control of Group Policies
 6. Configuring User Environments Using Group Policy
 a. Configure Group Policy settings.
 b. Configure scripts and folder redirection using Group Policy
 c. Configure administrative templates.
 d. Describe Group Policy preferences.
 e. Deploy software using Group Policy.
 7. Implementing Security Using Group Policy
 a. Configure security settings.
 b. Implement fine-grained password policies.
 c. Restrict group membership and access to software.
 d. Manage security using security templates
 8. Implementing an Active Directory Domain Services Monitoring Plan
 a. Monitor Active Directory Domain Services using Event Viewer.
 b. Monitor Active Directory Domain servers using reliability and performance monitor.
 c. Configure Active Directory Domain Services Auditing.
 9. Implementing an Active Directory Domain Services Maintenance Plan
 a. Maintain the AD DS Domain Controllers.
 b. Back up the Active Directory Domain Services.
 c. Restore the Active Directory Domain Services.
 10. Troubleshooting Active Directory, DNS, and Replication Issues
 a. Troubleshoot Active Directory Domain Services.
 b. Troubleshoot DNS integration with AD DS.
 c. Troubleshoot AD DS replication.
 11. Troubleshooting Group Policy Issues
 a. Describe Group Policy troubleshooting.
 b. Troubleshoot Group Policy application.
 c. Troubleshoot Group Policy Settings.
 12. Implementing an Active Directory Domain Services Infrastructure

 1. Overview of Active Directory Domain Services
 2. Implementing Active Directory
 3. Working with Active Directory Sites
 4. Global Catalog and Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) Roles
 5. Active Directory Administration
 6. Security Planning and Administrative Delegation
 7. Introduction to Group Policy
 8. Configuring the User and Computer Environment Using Group Policy
 9. Performing Software Installation with Group Policy
 10. Planning a Group Policy Management and Implementation Strategy
 11. Active Directory Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Disaster Recovery
 12. Configuring Name Resolution and Additional Services
 13. Configuring Active Directory Certificate Services

 Course Offered At:

  Arapahoe Community College ACC
  Community College of Aurora CCA
  Colorado Community College Sys CCCS
  Colorado Northwestern CC CNCC
  Front Range Community College FRCC
  Lamar Community College LCC
  Morgan Community College MCC
  Northeastern Junior College NJC
  Otero Junior College OJC
  Pueblo Community College PCC
  Pikes Peak Community College PPCC
  Red Rocks Community College RRCC
  Trinidad State Junior College TSJC
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