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  Course: CIS 155
  Title:PC Spreadsheet Concepts
  Long Title:PC Spreadsheet Concepts: (software package)
  Course Description:Exposes the student to a wide range of uses of the electronic spreadsheet with special emphasis on using it as a business tool. Includes fundamentals and terms, creating and saving workbooks, entering and using formulas, formatting, printing, multiple-page workbooks, creating charts, entering and using functions, managing lists, and simple macros.
  Min Credit:3
  Max Credit:

  Origin Notes: ACC

 I.      Working with cells
 II.     Edit, move, copy, delete cell contents
 III.    Work with AutoFill, AutoSum and AutoFormat features
 IV.     Locate and open existing workbooks, save, create folders, and use templates
 V.      Apply formatting to worksheets
 VI.     Insert and delete, hide and unhide, and freeze and unfreeze rows and columns
 VII.    Use Paste Function and formula palette
 VIII.   Use date and financial functions
 IX.     Hide, display, and customize toolbars
 X       Record, run, and edit macros

 I.      Preparing and formatting a worksheet
 II.     Moving data within and between workbooks
 III.    Writing and inserting formulas
 IV.     Creating, deleting, and changing charts
 V.      Inserting clip art images
 VI.     Using templates
 VII.    Displaying and formatting data
 VIII.   Using single and multi-level sorts
 IX.     Using analysis tools
 X       Entering functions and working with lists
 XI.     Introducing macros

 Course Offered At:

  Arapahoe Community College ACC
  Community College of Aurora CCA
  Colorado Community College Sys CCCS
  Community College of Denver CCD
  Colorado Northwestern CC CNCC
  Front Range Community College FRCC
  Lamar Community College LCC
  Morgan Community College MCC
  Northeastern Junior College NJC
  Otero Junior College OJC
  Pueblo Community College PCC
  Pikes Peak Community College PPCC
  Red Rocks Community College RRCC
  Trinidad State Junior College TSJC
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